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March 26th, 2012

M5 Ticket Challenge

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With M5 coming up this Friday we’d like to promote and just blow up the event as much as we possibly could. So to do that we decided to start a competition between members to see who can sell the most tickets. Since it is a competition there will also be prizes for first, second and third place. First place shall get 4 extra tickets to the event, while second and third will get 2 free tickets.

January 17th, 2012

Jr Exec Positions

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The chance to  take over UNICEF has come. Those interested in becoming the next executive members may submit cover letters + resumes to unicef@ucalgary.ca by midnight of Sunday February 25th.  It may seem kinda early but the purpose is to train you so that you fit the role you apply for and aren’t completely clueless once you have risen to the position. You’ll have reading break to polish your resume and if possible do hand it in as early as possible so that we get a grasp at how many people are interested versus the amount of positions available.There will also be interview for select candidates in the first week of March so be prepared… Once selected you’ll than shadow a current executive member for the last event (it takes 2) to get a feel of the tasks you’ll be doing next year. Simple right? OK that is all! Sorry for all the spam and good luck on your studies!

January 17th, 2012


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So here I’m going to list all the upcoming events for the Winter semester so you guys can plan ahead, and get your 20 hours


AIDS GOODY BAGS (yea you heard right)

We will be making and selling goody bags that will raise awareness for AIDS. As a volunteer you can help make them on February 6th fomr 6pm-8pm or come help us sell them the next day (Feb. 7th) from 10am-4pm. The bags will contain things like candy, gum, one condom etc. and will be sold by donation.


As a heads up these events do not have a set time yet but we’ll let you know as soon as we can!

Salad Bar
This will be our St. Patrick’s day event and the objective is to promote a healthy diet and nothings better than a bowl of salad right? So on that day  you can help us serve salad to you fellow peers, setup and clean up.

M5 (March Murder Mystery Masquerade at the Mansion)
Ever been to a masquerade? Well here’s your chance to participate! This is more like a social where we will be doing activities/games together, silent auctions and many more as not to ruin the surprise. It’ll happen between 8-10pm but the day hasn’t been decided yet.


It takes two
This event  will be a collaboration with hip hop + funk and basically its going to be a dance battle. Since this is the last event and the in the last month of school it’ll hopefully be in the first week of April. Volunteers can help promote the event, and they also get to watch the amazing performance so don’t miss the chance!

Alright that concludes the brief summary of the events that are coming up and more detail will be given closer to the event as a reminder, along with doodles for you to fill out the times you can volunteer for.

January 17th, 2012

Canada Student Challenge

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Looking to get more involved with UNICEF by actually seeing their head quarters and obtain exclusive behind the scene experience? WELL than, you will be happy to read the rest of this post. Starting from January 26th to March 22nd there will be a contest called the Canada Student Challenge. In teams of two you will raise money towards building water pumps in needed countries. Every $500 you raise will get you one ballot towards a draw, where first and second place will head to New York City for a three day visit. More background information will be provided to those who show interest so that you can inform people about the campaign as you acquire sponsors. SOO Let us know!

December 5th, 2011

Gingerhouse Competition

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If the bake sale didn’t peak your interest there’s also an event going on in MacHall. This is only for exec members but we will be entering a competition with the other clubs to see who can build the most extravagant gingerbread house. This event will be at 12pm and to win it we need your support! So come out and cheer us on while we’re building, and when voting time comes, which is from 1pm-2pm remember to vote for us! Now voting is by donation only so whatever you can afford to spare would be more than appreciated!

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