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January 17th, 2012

Canada Student Challenge

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Looking to get more involved with UNICEF by actually seeing their head quarters and obtain exclusive behind the scene experience? WELL than, you will be happy to read the rest of this post. Starting from January 26th to March 22nd there will be a contest called the Canada Student Challenge. In teams of two you will raise money towards building water pumps in needed countries. Every $500 you raise will get you one ballot towards a draw, where first and second place will head to New York City for a three day visit. More background information will be provided to those who show interest so that you can inform people about the campaign as you acquire sponsors. SOO Let us know!

December 5th, 2011

Gingerhouse Competition

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If the bake sale didn’t peak your interest there’s also an event going on in MacHall. This is only for exec members but we will be entering a competition with the other clubs to see who can build the most extravagant gingerbread house. This event will be at 12pm and to win it we need your support! So come out and cheer us on while we’re building, and when voting time comes, which is from 1pm-2pm remember to vote for us! Now voting is by donation only so whatever you can afford to spare would be more than appreciated!

December 5th, 2011

Bake Sale!!!

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Looking for those extra hours while performing an easy task? Well I got just the event for you! Tomorrow (December 6) we will be setting up a bake sale in the health science building, so if you have time come volunteer, or just drop by to say hello and get something to eat. Unfortunately the building is not part of the main campus, but it’s only like a 5min bus ride away if you take the 20 Heritage bus (get off at the hospital) so not bad at all. If you can’t make it but enjoy baking, you could also drop off goods at 9am tomorrow to either Nat or Aisha (whoever is there) that will also get you hours! 1 hour for a dozen baked goods!

October 27th, 2011

8th Annual Martini Challenge

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When: Friday, November 11 · 8:00pm - 10:30pm

Where: The Mansion: 355, 10 Ave. SW

The Martini Challenge is in support of UNICEF’s walk for water campaign. And to encourage more of you guys to come out and support, it’ll be held during reading week so that you can drink away your problems! I mean relax before you get serious about your studies. Each ticket will only be $15, but will cover not only your entrance fee but at least 8 martinis.  So hurry and pick up your tickets from Machall on the following dates from 11am – 4pm.
Wednesday, Oct 12th
Wednesday, Oct 19th
Wednesday, Oct 26th
Monday, Nov 7th
Tuesday, Nov 8th
Wednesday, Nov 9th
All proceeds will go to UNICEF’s walk for water campaign. Another option is to contact one of the PMs (Lisa, Kirtbir or Lawrence)
For Volunteers:
We need volunteers to help put up posters and sell tickets!

How to VOLUNTEER for Martini Challenge:

– 7 volunteer hours: get pledges to walk from 9am-4pm on November 9 with 4 litres of water

– 1/2 volunteer hour for every 1 poster posted up with a limit of 4 posters per volunteer (try to post them up off campus)

– 1 volunteer hour for every 4 tickets sold

– Click on the following link to sign up to volunteer to sell tickets:


October 10th, 2011

Prof in a box

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Hey everyone! Ready to start putting some hours into your Co-Curricular Transcript? Well we have our first event coming up very soon!

We’re planning on holding an event to collect donations from your fellow students for National UNICEF Day, on October 31st!!

How the Event will work:

1. October 14th : Volunteers put down their available times for an info session to get them orientated for the event. If absolutely none of the times for the info session work for you, please let us know and we can talk with you at another time. Sign up link is: http://www.doodle.com/tbrivwwrdv6s93fw

2. During the info session volunteers will then be given a template for approaching the professor and a letter for the professor which they will present to their professor of choice, asking them if they wish to participate.

3. October 17th – 21st: Approach/Contact professor

4. October 24th – 28th: During the week after the information session, volunteers will “market” the event by asking students to participate by donating $1 (or any amount) on October 31.

5. October 31st: Volunteers will sign out a human sized counter box, bring it to class, enjoy a lecture being taught by their counter boxed professor, feel satisfied that they have contributed to a great campaign and return the box after the lecture to the PM.

The info session will also count as 1 hour towards your CCR, so be sure to attend!!! As well, depending on the length of your class(es) you will receive matching volunteer hours and an additional hour for preparation of the event!!!

Volunteers can approach this event solo or in groups of 2-3 (must be UNICEF on Campus members). Volunteers will be asked to approach a professor and ask if they are interested to support the National UNICEF Day campaign by teaching their October 31st lecture in a UNICEF human size counter box, IF all the students (most, or over 50%) donate a $1. Should the professor agree to participate, the volunteer will then market the event to their class mates during their lectures prior to October 31st and on the class prior to October 31st volunteers will collect the donations. For example, if a volunteer has a Monday (24th), Wednesday (26th), Friday (28th) class they will collect the donations on the Friday (28th). On October 31st volunteers will sign out a human sized counter box, bring it to class, enjoy a lecture being taught by their counter boxed professor, feel satisfied that they have contributed to a great campaign and return the box after the lecture. If you need help approaching your professor, we are here to help.

*One professor/volunteer (or volunteer group) is subject to change depending on how many volunteers sign up, because we have a limited number of human sized counter boxes.

If you are interested please “comment” on this event page stating that you are interested and with your email address or e-mail us at unicef@ucalgary.ca (Please put “Prof in a Box” in the header). Also, remember to fill in a time you are free October 14th to attend the info session at http://www.doodle.com/tbrivwwrdv6s93fw

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to write them in a “comment” or email is us at unicef@ucalgary.ca
Lisa, Lawrence, and Yves

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