UNICEF on Campus @ University of Calgary

October 3rd, 2010

UNICEF on Campus Counter Box Event

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Hey UNICEF Members!

Are you looking for an easy way to fill in a few hours at the beginning of the year? the UNICEF on Campus Counter Box Event is what you’re looking for! More info below:

Project Managers: Kevin Tse and Belle Su

~ If you are interested to volunteer please email unicef@ucalgary.ca with your name and email ~

– You may start signing out counter boxes starting next Wednesday. Pick up for counter boxes will be between Nov. 1st-5th

– For every counter box you place down at a local business you will receive
1 hour of volunteering

– You will receive a sponsorship letter to present to the local business

– FURTHER instructions on how to approach the businesses will be presented by your PM when you meet up to pick up counter boxes

– you are responsible to tell your PM the location of your counter boxes

– office hours and office room number to pick up the counter boxes at our office in the SU club office area will be posted up ASAP

– An email will be sent out to you by your PM with further information


October 7th, 2009

Counter Box Reminder!

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Thompson and Liz or any of the other execs are available throughout the day for you members to come pick up the counter boxes for distribution! Just throw us an email and I am sure any of us will be able to come meet up with you. Also, please remember to let us know in an email where you are leaving the boxes and as well your name so we can add it to a list to keep track!

Have a great cold a$$ morning!

October 2nd, 2009


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Today marks the beginning of the Counter Box Campaign for the TAP project. If you missed the meeting let us know and we will send out we we had discussed in the meeting. For those that have volunteered and signed up, our office is open all day during school hours, so just let us know when you need to pick up counter boxes and we will gladly provide them to you!

Have fun out there and be safe!

From the desk of the UNICEF on CAMPUS Executive Team

October 1st, 2009


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Hello UNICEFers,

Liz and Thompson will be holding a meeting for the Counter Boxes this
Friday. If you can’t make the meeting, don’t worry. They will send out
meeting minutes to everyone afterward.
Once again, please make sure either Liz or Thompson has your contact
information so they can send you updates.

Location: MSC 279 (The Hive) Up the stairs from the bookstore in Mac Hall
and turn right
Time: THIS FRIDAY at 9am to 10am

If you have any questions, please contact the Project Managers.
Thompson tson.nguyen@hotmail.com
Liz eclai@ucalgary.ca